Rock Chick (rockmusicchick) wrote,
Rock Chick

Writer's Block: Smoke screen

What are your feelings towards smoking? What rights do you think smokers and non-smokers should have?

I don't like smoking. I have never smoked. I never plan on smoking.

Smoking is such an expensive habit to have as well & in more than 1 way.

I'm happy about the new law I heard about the other day that will go in effect sometime next year. That will be banning smoking in resturants, etc. How can anyone want to smoke then eat. Yuck...!

That said I do think smokers should be to smoke in bars that are well vented and smoke in a section that wont bother non-smokers who go to bars. As for being to smoke in other places such as resturants, businesses, etc. I dont think they should have that right and should not be allowed to.

So although I wish nobody smoked and wished smoking would become a thing of the past or extincted. I know this won't happen.

I do think smokers should have a few rights. However I think non-smokers should have more rights. And they shouldn't have to put up with smokers if they don't want to and shouldnt have to put up with smokers.
Tags: banning, new law, non-smoking, smoking, writer's block

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